Amateur Radio, What do Ham’s do?

Talk with others, local or long-distance (DX) by Voice, Morse code or Digital mode, DXpeditions (travel to and work from foreign countries), Low-power contacts (QRP), Exchange QSL cards with other stations,

Out of earth’s atmosphere: , Satellite contacts, Chat with ISS astronauts, Moon Bounce communications (EME),

Contests, Awards and Special Events:

Acquire ham radio awards (worked all states (WAS), worked all continents (WAC), and others, Contests (see how many stations you can contact), Special event stations (historical / other events),

Maintain repeater,
Internet / ham radio contacts,

Operating: Propagation beacons, Portable, Mobile, Off grid / emergency power,

Kit Building your own radios, antennas and other equipment:

Service to Community Events: ,Emergency preparedness, emergency communications, Public service (marathons, bike rides,etc.), Observations for National Weather Service (NWS), Military Auxiliary Radio Service (MARS), Ham radio email via pskmail or winmor,

Radio Control (RC) model craft:
Amateur Radio Club Membership:
Video Imaging: SSTV (Slow Scan Television), still images, ATV (Amateur Fast Scan Television), live video.